Ep 2 – Prequel Trilogy from the Female Perspective No.2 Attack of the Clones

Join Nedi and new co-host Megan as they discuss Episode II of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.  Important questions are raised such as, what does the concept of the Lost 20 really mean?  What was Padmé’s thought process throughout this film?

We also dissect and analyze deleted scenes as they would’ve occurred in film and even pulling some insight from the novelization of the film.

Ep 1 – Prequel Trilogy from the Female Perspective – No.1 The Phantom Menace

Join WOTW for our first solo episode!  It’s part 1 of 3: The Prequel Trilogy from the Female Perspective – No. 1 The Phantom Menace!


In this episode, we geek out about Padmé (and how she’s the best character in this film), debate about Qui Gon and the infamous Chance Cube, midicholrians, how the crisis on Naboo is a BIG metaphor, and much much more.


It all boils down to; what is the Force?  Most importantly, what does it want?  We ask this and more, in this first episode, of Women of the Whills.